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ATSC 3.0 Emergency Alerting, Information Make Big Strides At NAB Show
TV Technology | April 2019

LAS VEGAS—Advanced emergency alerting as part of ATSC 3.0 demonstrated at the recently concluded 2019 NAB Show has evolved into a tightly knit system, not restricted simply to the delivery of imminent threat warnings but also conveyance of useful emergency information.

Digital Alert Systems to Introduce New AEA Messeging Solution and
Trade-Up Program

The Broadcast Bridge | April 3, 2019

Digital Alert Systems will preview its new ATSC 3.0-oriented advanced emergency information module at the 2019 NAB Show. It is an optional advanced emergency alerting (AEA) upgrade for the industry-leading DASDEC emergency messaging platform.

Previewing Next Gen TV at the NAB Show
TV Technology | March 2019

Greatly enhanced emergency alerting capabilities are part of the 3.0 standard, and Digital Alert Systems will demonstrate these with the DASDEC-II platform for alerting and CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) message management.

Digital Alert Systems To Intro Halo V2 EAS Enterprise System At 2019 NAD Show
TV Technology | March 5, 2019

LAS VEGAS—Digital Alert Systems will unveil its Halo V2 enterprise-wide EAS management system and preview an advanced alerting module for ATSC 3.0 at the 2019 NAB Show, April 8-11, in Las Vegas.
The latest iteration of the product, a web-based enterprise-wide tool, can oversee and facilitate command of all DASDEC devices in an operation, the company said.

NAB Sneal Peek: Monroe Electronics Redesigns HALO
Radio World | February 13, 2019

Monroe Electronics will give NAB Show audiences their first look at a redesigned HALO EAS management tool.
The company says the Version 2.0 “user experience while simplifying both maintenance and troubleshooting.”

Monroe Electronics Releases Completely Redesigns HALO Version 2.0
Broadcasting and Cable | February 12, 2019

Monroe Electronics today announced the release of HALO Version 2.0. HALO is a first-of-a-kind enterprise-grade Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) management solution capable of overseeing all encoders/decoders and managing all connected EAS devices within an organization. The HALO V2.0 release boasts a complete redesign that improves the user experience while simplifying both maintenance and troubleshooting.

Monroe redesigns EAS management solution
Broadband Technology Report | February 12, 2019

Monroe Electronics has released Version 2.0 of its HALO Emergency Alert System (EAS) management solution, designed to oversee all encoders/decoders and manage all connected EAS devices within an organization. The V2.0 release features a complete redesign to improve the user experience and simplify both maintenance and troubleshooting.

DASDEC-II is More Secure
Radio World 1131| February 1, 2019

Digital Alert Systems has updated the operating system for its Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II emergency alert devices to provide greater security in its release of Version 4.0 software.

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