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Digital Alert Systems Offering V4 Price Relief Program

TV News Check |June 4, 2020
Digital Alert Systems, a global provider in emergency communications solutions for media providers, has introduced a new price relief program for its family of Emergency Alert System (EAS) devices. To help ensure that critical emergency communications are as robust and reliable as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Alert Systems has reduced the price of its Version 4 software upgrade for DASDEC-II or One-Net SE EAS devices. The price relief program is valid through June.

Digital Alert Systems Launches Software Assurance Plan

Radio World |May 8, 2020
Digital Alert Systems is now offering a Software Assurance Plan for its line of emergency alert system devices. This plan will allow customers to ensure they are in compliance with current requirements via automatic notifications when new software is available.

Is Your EAS Equipment Secure?

Radio World
|April 2, 2020

Off-site operations can increase the risk to your cyber safety, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers wants to help stations protect their equipment, particularly emergency alerting gear. .

Security Issues Concerning Operation of EAS Equipment

The Society of Broadcast Engineers
|April 22, 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe and abiding by the guidance concerning COVID-19. With that in mind, most broadcast operations are now being handled off-site, which could create security problems. Hackers know this and can take advantage of these opportunities.

Digital Alert Systems Looks To Improvg Emergency Alerting

The Bridge
|April 2, 2020

Digital Alert Systems has teamed up with DigIt Signage Technologies/ChyTV to showcase a new look and feel for visual presentation of emergency alerting information on video displays. Called Visually Integrated Display Symbology (VIDS), the software supports implementation of emergency warning graphic interfaces, including the addition of dynamic elements, providing broadcasters with an easy to understand graphical way of displaying emergency information.

Next Generation TV Provides Expanded Emergency Alerting Possibilities

PILOT |April 2020
The role of TV broadcasters as first informers has never been as compelling as it is during these unprecedented times, highlighting how broadcasters are best positioned to assist local communities during times of crisis. This unprecedented health crisis affects broadcasters in every one of their many roles in their communities.

Using EAS In A Public Health Crisis

The Broadcasters' Desktop Resources |March 2020
[March 2020] Statistics are pointing this to be like a bad flu season, with many wondering what the political (and economic) fallout is going to be in the end. Meanwhile, we are pretty much still “sheltering in place.”

COVID-19 and Emergency Alerting Best Practices

Radio World |March 25, 2020
DAS' Ed Czarnecki shares expertise and insider info to ensure broadcasters are ready to share information about the novel coronavirus.

Digital Alert Systems' New VIDS, DASDEC Gear Coming to 2020 NAB Show

TV Technology |March 2020
LAS VEGASDigital Alert Systems will arrive at the 2020 NAB Show with a handful of new products in tow, plus a couple of programs that are designed to boost customer experience.

Digital Alert Systems New VIDS, DASDEC Gear Coming to 2020 NAB Show
Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance

Digital Alert Systems will arrive at the 2020 NAB Show with a handful of new products in tow, plus a couple of programs that are designed to boost customer experience.

Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II Version 4.1
TV Technology
|February 2020

Digital Alert System's DASDEC-II platform is an FCC-certified decoder platform designed to monitor Emergency Alert System messages to determine if there is a more detailed version of the alert from Common Alerting Protocol, and if so, distribute it to stations and consumers.
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