Welcome to Version 3.1
Dear registered One-Net™ / DASDEC™ customer,
We’re happy to announce the release of Version 3.1 software!

Version 3.1 continues to enhance the One-Net™ / DASDEC™ platforms with a number of new features and improvements including the latest compliance mandates, operational improvements, and security features. All changes are outlined in the V3.1 Release Notes accessible from the Version 3.1 download page. In addition, the latest V3.1 user’s manual, is updated to reflect all the changes.

The Version 3.1 upgrade is free to all current Version 3.0 users, and all those registered customers should have received an email with download credentials.

Among the many improvements there are critical updates users should apply immediately to assure continued EAS/CAP compliance. For example:

USA Critical Updates: 
  • Version 3.1 updates the XML Digital Signature Certificate Authority (CA) to include a new CA file required for FEMA IPAWS. The "FCPCA-USTreasury-DHS-IGC-CA.crt" selection supersedes all previous CA files, and must be implemented for proper operation of your EAS equipment with FEMA IPAWS.
  • Improvements and enhancements for operations related to EAN and NPT event code alert message processing.
Canada Critical Updates:
  • Version 3.1 updates the XML Digital Signature Certificate Authority (CA) to include a new CA file that will be necessary for operation with the Canadian NAAD alert system. The "Pelmorex-verisign-symantec-ENVCan-CA.crt" selection will supersede all previous CA files.
       •  Version 3.1 also provides additional support for the latest Canadian Common Look and Feel Guidance v1.2 to            ensure proper processing of emergency alerts from Environment Canada and other agencies.

Click here to enter the Version 3.1 download page (Password required)

Customers that still haven’t upgraded to Version 3.0, please follow this link to our V3.0 Upgrade page where you will find information on how to purchase the necessary license and begin to benefit from the vast number of upgrades and improvements

To recap:

  • Registered V3.0 customers – Look for an email with your V3.1 download credentials.
  • Customers upgrading from older versions must purchase a Version 3.0 enabling key before installing Version 3.1. Email or call the support teams using the contact information below to place your order.

As always if you have any questions please contact us via email or telephone

For Digital Alert Systems
sales@digitalalertsytems.com or support@digitalalertsystems.com

or telephone +1 (585) 765-2254
Thanks from all the folks at Digital Alert Systems

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