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After the Test, FEMA Is Busy in The Lab
Radio World | December 14, 2011

EAS Planners Look Beyond the National Test

EAS Test Offers Many Lessons
Radio World | December 1, 2011

Czarnecki: Let's All Pull Ourselves Together to Identify and Fix the Issues

Some people threw around the word "diaster" to describe November's national EAS test. That is wrong. The problems that occurred served a significant purpose: to point up flaws in a system so that it will work when it must.

DAS: ‘Mystery Header’ Points to FEMA/WCCO Link
Radio World | November 14, 2011

EAS equipment manufacturer Digital Alert Systems examined audio captures of last week’s EAS test and said its information points to an equipment failure in a connection between the FEMA Operations Center and PEP radio station WCCO in Minneapolis as the cause of one of the problems that broadcasters reported. Neither CBS nor FEMA has confirmed this detail, however.

Digital Alert Systems Offers EAS Test White Paper
Radio World | October 27, 2011

Manufacturer Digital Alert Systems issued a white paper to help users of its DASDEC equipment prepare for the upcoming national EAS test.

DASDEC™-II Finds a Home in Chicago
Radio World | October 19, 2011

Moody Broadcast Likes Feature Set, Options

Sinclair Standardizes on Digital Alert Systems
Broadcast Engineering | October 5, 2011

Sinclair Broadcast Group is standardizing on Digital Alert Systems’ (DAS DASDEC-II digital EAS/CAP encoder/decoder systems across all of its U.S. stations. Optimized for each station, the DAS emergency messaging systems are being rolled out in conjunction with Sinclair's group-wide HD master control rebuild to ensure compliance with any future CAP mandates.

Broadcast Operations Lake Region Radio Choses DASDEC™-II
The Broadcasters' Decktop Resource | October 2011

Most stations have lived with an EAS receiver selected nearly 15 years ago. Obviously selecting the next generation unit for use should be done carefully, to get the best unit for the stations needs. In Devils Lake, North Dakota, Curt Teigen chose DASDEC.

CAP-EAS - Let's Exhale Now
TV Technology | October 4, 2011

Reactions are divided within the industry about whether the FCC should have delayed its deadline for stations to upgrade EAS encoders/decoders to become compliant with the new Common Alerting Protocol.

Public Engineers in Alaska Create Flyaway Packages
Radio World | September 30, 2011

Give the guys at CoastAlaska credit. The public radio group in southeast Alaska didn’t wait around for a federal diktat, congressional mandate or FCC proceeding. They built their own emergency flyaway FM station packages.

DAS Hopeful FCC Will Act Quickly to Finalize EAS Rules
Radio World | September 28, 2011

Digital Alert Systems is hopeful the FCC intends to act quickly on revising the Part 11 rules governing EAS in order to give participants certainty and time to finalize preparations to upgrade to the Common Alerting Protocol.

Moody Radio Group Goes With Digital Alert Systems
Radio World | August 19, 2011

If radio groups are having a hard time meeting the pending EAS-CAP compliance deadline. I'm having a hard time finding evidence of it. But my invitation remains open for any broadcaster, large or small, to let me know how their EAS progress (or lack of it) is going.

EAS Suppliers Ramp Up Production
Radio World | August 10, 2011

Ecncoder/Decoder Makers Strive to Meet Increased Demand.

Fusion Communications Commits Centeralcasting Operations to Digital Alert Systems' EAS/CAP platform
Broadcast Engineering | July 7, 2011

Fusion Communications, a centralcasting master control and production company, is deploying emergency messaging platforms with intelligent remote control from Digital Alert Systems (DAS) to provide automatic, seamless emergency alerts for its 20 remote TV stations located throughout the United States. DAS is a veteran provider of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS).

RBR|TVBE Manager's Business Report
12.51mb PDF | July 2011

Strategies, Trends & Ideas for Today's Media Manager
Digital Alert Systems and State/Local Interoperability

Summer Product Reviews
Radio World | June 15, 2011

Affordable EAS Compliance from Digital Alert.

EAS-CAP Compliance Brings Out L.A. Broadcast Engineers
Radio World | June 6, 2011

Broadcasters have 106 days to retrofit their emergency alert operations to process a new open-standard, XML-based messaging format known as “Common Alerting Protocol.” Don’t count on another extension of the compliance deadline, Bruce Robertson of Digital Alert Systems told a group of broadcast engineers this week.

Ruling on CAP messaging expected soon
Broadcast Engineering | May 23, 2011

While the FCC has set a deadline of Sept. 30 for U.S. broadcasters to install new Emergency Alert System (EAS) receivers, many station owners appear to be waiting to see whether a new commission rulemaking — basically a clarification of the FCC’s Third Report & Order — might change the requirements. The fear is that the current equipment might be rendered obsolete.

Monroe Electronics, Digital Alert Systems division complete IPAWS conformity test
Broadcast Engineering | May 19, 2011

Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems (DAS) division have filed their Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), signaling successful completion of IPAWS testing for the DASDEC and the One-Net emergency messaging platforms.

2011 Radio magazine Pick Hit: Digital Alert Systems Multiplayer
YouTube | Uploaded by RadioMagOnline on May 12, 2011

MultiPlayer eliminates the restriction of sharing a single Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) encoder/decoder system with relays and switches by providing multiple and completely independent EAS switching, playout and control to simultaneously cover the EAS requirements of multiple program streams.

Industry Advisory
104kb PDF | May 10, 2011

Five Questions about CAP EAS: New Updates for Broadcasters

RBR|TVBE Manager's Business Report
8.44mb PDF | March 2011

Strategies, Trends & Ideas for Today's Media Manager

CAP Converters: A Regulatory Analysis
110kb PDF | February 2011

Our customers and partners have asked us for clarification of a number of key issues relating to where so-called "CAP converters" fall under current and expected FCC rules. We are pleased to provide the following analysis.

Belo stations manage EAS information with Digital Alert Systems
Broadcast Engineering | January 24, 2011

Belo has standardized its stations on the DASDEC-II digital EAS/CAP encoder/decoder from Digital Alert Systems (DAS) across all of its broadcast stations to help manage Emergency Alert System (EAS) activities in the various local communities they serve.
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