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We Need a Dialogue on Cyber Security
Connect 2 media & entertainment

  Broadcasters have grown increasingly reliant on the Internet, whether it is to reach a potential audience and advertisers, conduct daily business or fulfill their FCC EAS obligations to monitor the IPAWS CAP service.

We Need a Dialogue on Cyber Security
Radio World | August 1, 2012

   In the broadcast and public warning sectors, current precautions may not be as safe as we think.

DAS Calls 'New' EAS Reports Old News
Radio World | July 10, 2012

   Digital Alert Systems says that recent news coverage about EAS is old and no longer accurate.

  Wired andArs Technica, and others, recently ran items about the hacking that occurred in February. In that case, an individual or a group used false credentials to hack into an EAS encoder/decoder of a Montana television station, programmed a false alert into the unit, which was then apparently aired by that station and others farther down the daisy chain.

EAS Q&A Secure EAS Codecs Prevent Zombie Attacks with Barry Mishkind and Ed Czarnecki
The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource | June 2013

As of June 11th it will have been four months since the "Zombie EAS Alert." Perhaps you are wondering the status of the investigation and what has been done to prevent a re-occurrence.
We asked Ed Czarnecki from Monroe Electron-ics about what is known and what has been done.

Broadband Library | Spring 2013

Monroe's COO suggests you keep your elephants calm and shares
his formula for people/product/service success.

Article PDF (559kb)

EAS zombie hoax underscores importance of IP network security, says Czarnecki
Broadcast Engineering| February 19, 2013

Danger, the dead are rising and attacking people. That is simply the stuff of fiction and fantasy, at least until last week when KRTV in Great Falls, MT, was hacked and a bogus EAS message went out to viewers warning them of — pardon the pun — a real-life zombie apocalypse

JENNiRADIO: For Kids, By Kids
Radio | January 6, 2013

We use an Eventide BD500 delay and a Digital Alert Systems EAS. Most of the equipment we got from Disney was in immaculate condition, even though some had been around a long time, but one thing we needed to upgrade was the EAS. We moved from an older unit, which had paper jams and illegible printouts, as well as incompatibility with changing government standards. We opted for a four-channel DASDEC-II radio encoder/decoder, which let us replace everything, including the external receivers, because it has integrated radios. Now, even if government requirements are a moving target, we can upgrade our EAS through a simple software update.

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