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New Things Happening -- in Alerting Reviewed
Emergency Management | December 28, 2015

New alerting channels, new approaches to Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), new owners and a new call-to-action were among the top alerting stories of 2015. That’s a lot of new for an industry born 60 years ago.

FEMA Sends Bilingual EAS Message
Radio World| December 16, 2015

It was part of a series of regonal tests; sent in English and Spanish.

Multilingual Alerts Tested
Emergency Management | November 22, 2015

FEMA has activated its first multilingual Emergency Alert System tests through a pilot with Monroe Electronics and broadcast stations in six states.

Emergency Alert Testing Hopeful Sign for 3.0
TV NEWS CHECK| October 22, 2015

These new capabilities, however, won’t make the final advanced emergency alerting capability of ATSC 3.0 different than what is in the FEMA lab for the purposes of its testing, he adds.
For many broadcasters, implementing AWARN capability will be a matter of a simple software upgrade rather than a new hardware purchase.

Industry Preps for Next EAS Steps
Radio World| October 16, 2015

There is movement on the EAS front in preparation of the FCC EAS compliance deadline that’s looming less than a year from now.

"IF You Build It, They Will Listen"
Radio World| October 16, 2015

DOVER-NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio At 6 a.m. on Monday, July 13, WDPE(LP), aka “DNP 102.3,” went on the air. Beforehand, Jody Brogan, the president of the Dover-New Philadelphia Educational Broadcasting board, had often asked “What if no one listens?” My refrain was “If we build it, they will listen.”

FCC Order Aims to Strengthen EAS
Radio World| July 15, 2015

Commission adtops "six zeroes" and plans Electronic Test Reporting System

Cyber Threats Have Broadcasters Hacked Off
TV News Check | June 23, 2015

While politically motivated hacks such as the ones that may have disrupted France’sTV5Monde and WBOC Salisbury, Md., are scary, they aren't likely to be typical. Stations and networks are more likely to be hit by garden variety malware and malicious code intrusions because where there is IP, there is vulnerability. An area of particular security concern to broadcasters is the nation’s Emergency Alert System, which is increasingly dependent on networked and IP-based services.

What Does This Month's FCC EAS Order Mean for You?
Radio World| June 15, 2015

The FCC this month issued a report and order regarding the Emergency Alert System. Its actions were based in part on what was learned in the first national EAS test in 2011. Radio World is sharing observations about the implications from industry observers — here, from Edward Czarnecki, senior director of strategy, development and regulatory affairs for the Digital Alert Systems division of Monroe Electronics, which makes EAS equipment.

Special Program Guide Showcases Nominated and Winning Products as featured at the NAB Show
Newbay Media| Best of Show 2015

Audio Management System—Unified audio solution for 21st century communications & Video Accessibility Act compliance.

iHeart to Pay $1 Million to Resolve EAS Case
TV Technology| May 19, 2015

WASHINGTON—Radio broadcaster iHeartCommunications will pay a $1 million civil penalty to resolve an FCC investigation into misuse of EAS tones. iHeart’s WSIX-FM in Nashville aired a false emergency alert during the broadcast of the nationally syndicated program, “The Bobby Bones Show,” back in October 2014. Airing real EAS tones for anything other than an emergency is prohibited because the commission doesn’t want the public to hear the tones so often they ignore them.

Getting the Message Out
NPAS and NAAD For EAS Users

The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource| May 7, 2015

[April 2015] Just as American broadcasters are getting used to CAP and IPAWS enhancements to the EAS, Canada has rolled out its national alerting system, with stations now required to participate. Ed Czarnecki explains what the Canadians are doing and how it compares to the U.S. EAS.

Multilingual EAS Test in Minnesota Tests Broadcasting
Radio World| April 14, 2015

One of broadcasting’s greatest strengths is its ability to get vital information to its audiences in emergency situations. A problem arises when a significant number of people in those audiences don’t speak English fluently, and emergency information is broadcast in English.

Another FCC Deadline on the Horizon
TV Technology| April 13, 2015

WASHINGTON - Another FCC deadline is approaching. Are you ready? If your answer is no - or maybe "what deadline?" - you're not alone.

NAB Sneak Peek: DAS to Show AMS
Radio World | April 1, 2015

LAS VEGAS - At the 2015 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems (DAS) will showcase its new Audio Management System (AMS), which ensures compliance with the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (21CVAA).

DAS to Showcase Audio Management Solutions at 2015 NAB Show
TV Technology | March 3, 2015

LAS VEGAS - At the 2015 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems (DAS) will showcase its new Audio Management System (AMS), which ensures compliance with the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (21CVAA).
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