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Next SBE74 Chapter Meeting, Wednesday May 24

"ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting"
Ed Czarnecki, Monroe/Digital Alert Systems
Denny's 84th St and Interstate 80, Omaha Nebraska

Order lunch at 11:30 AM, followed by the presentation.  Ed Czarnecki, PhD., senior director for strategy and global government affairs for Monroe Electronics/Digital Alert Systems, will have a presentation via conference phone.

He will give a pragmatic outlook for ATSC 3.0 – both emergency services and infrastructure.
This talk “Advanced Emergency Alerting” was given at NAB in Las Vegas last month.

Ed is an established expert in EAS, IPAWS and everything that has to do with emergency alerting. The recent national NPT tests were issued on equipment manufactured by Digital Alert Systems. Ed also serves on the Federal committee planning the future of Emergency Alerting through digital broadcasting.

Ed is always interesting to hear from.
His understanding of the real issues is respected by industry and government leaders alike.
You will learn about your future from this presentation.
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