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Radio Application

“The DASDEC takes EAS compliance to its highest level. In its most basic form, it serves as a highly programmable unit running under Linux with all the features needed to handle 24/7 automation, dayparted auto/manual or full manual mode. Four external sources are standard with serial interface, VGA screen if desired, programmable user I/O logic, random RWT and extensive relay message handling under auto or operator control. CAP capability is included in a soon-to-come update."
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Dick Boekeloo
Chief Engineer
Qantum Communications

TV Application “We appreciate the fact that the DASDEC is based on a Linux platform, because it does not require the maintenance overhead that a Windows server does. Finally, the operators found the DASDEC GUI straightforward. Our training went very easily on this product. “
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Lee MacPherson
Director of Engineering 

EOC Application “Digital Alert Systems has opened the world of EAS to a new level of service and providing service to our citizens is what it is all about, having tools that are easy to use, makes issuing the warning a much simpler process..."
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John Crosby
Deputy Director, Sedgwick County Emergency Management
Sedgwick County, KS
Emergency Management

TV Application “The DASDEC really kicks butt over the old style systems. It’s the web interface that really allows a lot of things we couldn’t do otherwise.
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Scott Nielson
Assistant Director of Engineering
4 Points Media Group
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