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National EAS Test Deploys; Early Reactions
Radio World | September 27, 2017

A big thumbs up, so far.

EAS Box Makers Weigh in on Blue Alerts
Radio World | August 4, 2017

Two prominent EAS equipment manufacturers weighed in with separate comments about the FCC proposal to add a Blue Alert code to EAS.

Broadcasters, FCC At Odds Over Blue Alert in EAS.
INSIDE RADIO | August 2, 2017

Support for law enforcement may run deep among broadcasters, but a proposal by the Federal Communications Commission for, in some cases, using the Emergency Alert System to warn officers of impending danger is getting a lukewarm response from the industry.

Ohio Digital Alerting System is Active
Radio World | May 24, 2017

Ohio’s 12 public television stations recently collaborated to provide a major upgrade to the state’s EAS system. The project seeks to provide IP-based redundancy for the existing alerting architecture that distributes messages to radio stations, TV stations and government alerting sites — but without involving the “last-mile” internet.

NAB Sneak Peek: DAS Demonstrates Upgrades to EAS Products
Radio World | March 23, 2017

Digital Alert Systems brings to Las Vegas the latest in its line of Emergency Alert System products.
The DASDEC units have a new software version, 3.1. According to DAS, “Version 3.1 makes DASDEC the first EAS/CAP platform to support MPEG-DASH message playout. By adding MPEG-DASH to a DASDEC-II device, it’s possible to switch the internal MPEG encoder to provide a constant stream to maintain continuity with downstream encoders and other devices.” In addition the Alert Agent has been improved. There is a new audio-normalization function that assures audio levels in analog alerts match those in digital alerts, improving overall listening and legibility regardless of the source.

How Will the Trump FCC Handle Alerting Issues?
Radio World| January 24, 2017

How will the change in administrations affect the world of emergency alerting as it involves broadcasters? We asked one close observer, Ed Czarnecki, senior director, strategy and government affairs, at EAS equipment manufacturer Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems.

Monroe / DAS Plans Triggered CAP Polling
Radio World| January 13, 2017

At issue is how to ensure that the "most timely and content-rich version of an alert" reaches the public.

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