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Digital Alert Systems Product Awards

New EAS Alert Technology from Digital Alert Systems & DigIt Signage Technologies
The Broadcast Bridge | December 21, 2018

Digital Alert Systems (DAS) and DigIt Signage Technologies have joined forces to interface the ChyTV HD-EAS system with television, public information and digital signage displays. The solution works with the DAS series of approved EAS/CAP flexible emergency communications devices.

How One EAS Manufacturer Sees the IPAWS Alerting Changes
Radio World | December 5, 2018

After the January false missile alert in Hawaii — and myriad government agencies began the process of researching the missteps — a new report has offered two succinct, specific recommendations aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of the IPAWS warning system.

NAB Show Procuct Review
TV Technology | June 2018

DIGITAL ALERT SYSTEMS showcased its EAS-NET Advanced Emergency Alerting (AEA) upgrade for their DASDEC product.

What Someone You Should Know: Dr. Edward Czarnecki Monroe Electronics
ATSC News Letter | April 2018

Dr. Ed Czarnecki leads strategy and government affairs for ATSC member Monroe Electronics, which develops innovative broadcast solutions for emergency communications. For the last 15 years, Czarnecki has been deeply involved in ATSC-related public warning initiatives including FEMA’s Digital Emergency Alert pilot project that leveraged ATSC 1.0 data broadcast capabilities and, more recently, Ohio’s deployment of an ATSC 1.0 EAS data broadcast network.

What Stations Need to Know About the Latest Blue Alert Deadline
Radio World | January 31, 2018

The countdown toward implementation of Blue Alerts has begun.
EAS device manufacturers now have 12 months to make it possible for Blue Alerts — characterized by the three-character BLU code — to be delivered over the nation’s Emergency Alert System. It was in December that the Federal Communications Commission adopted a Report and Order that required EAS devices to have the capability to transmit the newly adopted Blue Alert code, which can be used by state and local authorities to notify the public of threats to law enforcement.

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