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CNT Implements Streamlines EAS Workflow With DASDEC Platform
TV Tech
| November 2021
By upgrading to the DASDEC platform and LEX-2000 encoders, Dave Goosey's tech team at CTN have significantly simplified workflows.

Learn about the Digital Alert Systems' role in developing the new
Visually Integrated Display Symbology (VIDS) from our own Bill Robertson
Listen to the podcast from Sixteen:Nine

DAS Adds to EAS Line
| October 27, 2021
For remote monitoring and EAS management, Digital Alert Systems highlights its EAS-Net, Collector and HALO product set.

Are You Ready for the Aug. 11 National EAS Test?
| August 5, 2021
Here are tips and best practices from several alerting experts

Digital Alert Systems Issues Update to FEMA Digital Certificates
TV Tech
| July 2021
—Digital Alert Systems has announced the availability of an important update of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) digital certificates used to authenticate messaging from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

Getting Ready For NextGen TV
TV Tech
| June 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As pandemic-driven restrictions start to ease around the country, U.S. broadcasters are increasing their focus on rolling out ATSC 3.0 (aka NextGen TV).

FEMA Dials up IPAWS Playbook
| April 30, 2021
Collection of online materials to help alert originators successfully design emergency messaging available
 ...  One of those interested in IPAWS developments is Ed Czarnecki, senior director of strategy and government affairs for technology manufacturer Digital Alerting Systems.

Stakeholders Comment on Amendments to EAS
| April 21,2021
Congress is pushing the FCC for better emergency alerting in the United States and a review of public comments on the latest proposed improvements shows most stakeholders are focused on the ability of the system to repeat national alerts from the president or FEMA if necessary.

Digital Alert Systems Adds Single Sign-on
| March 25,2021
Company announced a “major release” of EAS software

Digital Alert Systems Releases Version 4.3 EAS Software
TV Tech
| March 2021
The latest software version for DASDEC II and One-Net SE offers new single sign-on support

NVISA Introduces VIDS (Visually Integrated Display Symbology) For Emergency Alerts
The Broadcast Bridge | March 3, 2021
The recommended practice offers an impactful new approach to broadcasting alerts using graphical elements.

NVISA’s New VIDS Practice Makes Emergency Alerts Visually Easy to Grasp
TV Tech | February 23, 2021
VIDS uses recognizable graphical elements people can understand regardless of language

FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory
| February 3,2021
What steps can stations take to improve their participation and ensure compliance?

KADO-CD Taps Digital Alert Systems to Add VIDS to KADO-CD EAS
TV Tech
| February 2021
DAS’ DASDEC platform helped station implement NextGen TV service.
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