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CAP -  Common Alerting Protocol
CMSAAC -  Commercial Mobile Service Alerting Advisory Committee
DEAS -  Digital Emergency Alert System
EAS -  Emergency Alert System www.fcc.gov/pshs/services/eas
EMA -  Emergency Management Agency (See FEMA)
EOC -  Emergency Operations Center
FCC  -  Federal Communications Commission www.fcc.gov
FEMA -  Federal Emergency Management Agency www.fema.gov
HD Radio -  A trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation, covering a type of In-Band On Channel (IBOC) digital radio transmission which they license. www.hdradio.com
LP -  Local Primary (Station)
NAB -  National Association of Broadcasters www.nab.org
NASBA -  National Alliance of State Broadcaster Associations www.nasbaonline.net
NCMEC -  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children www.ncmec.org
NCTA -  National Cable and Telecommunications Association www.ncta.com
NEMA -  National Emergency Management Association www.nemaweb.org
NIMS -  National Incident Management System www.fema.gov/emergency/nims
NN -  Non-participating National
NOAA -  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration www.noaa.gov
NRSC -  National Radio Systems Committee www.nrscstandards.org
NWR -  NOAA Weather Radio (see also NOAA) www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr
NWS -  National Weather Service www.nws.noaa.gov
PDA -  Personal Digital Assistant
R&O -  Report and Order
RBDS -  Radio Broadcast Data System
RMT -  EAS Required Monthly Test
RWT -  EAS Required Weekly Test
SAME -  Specific Area Message Encoding
SBE -  Society of Broadcast Engineers www.sbe.org
SCTE -  Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers www.scte.org
SECC -  State Emergency Communications Committee
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