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FAQ's: Broadcasters and Next Generation CAP-EAS  (77kb PDF)

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New Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have any information on the upcoming EAN test?  What should I do and how should I prepare?

Q: What is IPAWS, and what IPAWS will do?

Q: Do you have samples of the high-quality male and female voices in yourText-to-Speech option?

Q: How long is your warranty?

Q: What are the FCC requirements?

Q: How does EAS work?

Q: I’m receiving my Required Monthly Tests from my LP1 and LP2. They show  up in the log as being decoded. Why are they not being forwarded on to my system?

Q: What alerts types have to be forwarded according to the FCC guidelines?

Q:How do I get the logs out of the DASDEC if there’s no built in printer?

Q: Can the DASDEC be linked to a NTP, Network Time Protocol, server?

Q: Do I need to adjust the DASDEC clock during Daylight Savings Time (DST)?

Q: Can the DASDEC control my external character generator?

Q: Does the DASDEC allow different levels of access into the device?

Q: Can I trigger a test alert remotely through the Web interface?

Q: How do I determine the DASDEC’s IP address if I’m using DHCP?

Q: Does the DASDEC support creating or customizing non-EAS messages?

Q: Can the DASDEC be configure to forward or disregard a duplicate alert that was received on more than one of the radio sources being monitored?

Q: Can the DASDEC be connected to more than one network?

Q: How many R190A Network GPO controllers can communicate with a single DASDEC?

Q: Where do I find the DASDEC’s S/N and Platform ID in the web interface?

Q: Where can I find the software version of my DASDEC?

Q: Does the DASDEC provide a way to back up its setup?

Q: Can the DASDEC generate its own random Required Weekly Test?

Q: Is there a way to tell when my Automatic Random Required Weekly Test will be triggered?

Q: Can the DASDEC be configured in a Master/Slave configuration?

Q: Is there a way to listen to the radio sources?

Q: Do I need to setup anything in the DASDEC when connecting a 988 Override Interface to it?

Q: Can a single DASDEC control a standard Cable system along with an IPTV system?

Q: Can the DASDEC be configured for Centralcasting in a Remote/Host configuration?

Email us any new questions you have regarding your
Digital Alert Systems equipment or system.


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