Software Version 4.3 and Version 4.7
What's the difference?




Since their initial release, DASDEC™ and One-Net™ products have undergone a few hardware revisions as described in the Application Note DASDEC™-II / One-Net™ SE Hardware Series Identification (APNDAS-158). We are now shipping our “/4” series and Version 4.7 is the software that applies to this new hardware.

Version 4.3 and Version 4.7 simply identify the hardware series, providing identical functionality and FCC compliance support

Do I need to upgrade?

If the system is running V4.3, it is up to date with the current hardware. Version 4.3 can’t be upgraded to V4.7 unless upgraded with new hardware.

So, if the system is either V4.3 or V4.7, no further upgrades are available or necessary.

If the system is V4.2 or lower, it should be upgraded to the V4.3 release. However, for old systems, consider the UP•TRADE program to bring both the hardware and software up to current standards. More information on the UP•TRADE program can be found by clicking here: UP•TRADE Program

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