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Model R197AV

R190A Lan HUB Controller

Local/Network Controlled Independent 4-channel Stereo Audio or
Stereo-Audio-Follow-Video/RF Switching System.

The Model R197A and Model R197AV products provide
four (4) independent balanced stereo audio (197A) or balanced stereo
audio and video/RF (R197AV) switches in a single 1 RU frame.

Each of the four independent relay channels contains a 2 x 1 (A/B)
balanced stereo audio relay switch and a single-pole double-throw dry
contact relay. The Model 197AV also includes a 2 x 1 (A/B) video/RF
switch with flat frequency response from DC to 1GHz.

Each independent relay channel is controllable by individual contact
closures pulled to ground or a TCP/IP (Ethernet) LAN interface
enabling each channel to be controlled locally or remotely over any
TCP/IP network.

Lan Hub Controller back panelclick on image for larger view

R197AV Audio - Audio/Video Switch Data Sheet (PDF 406KB)
R197AV Audio - Audio/Video Switch Manual  (PDF 1.06MB)
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